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Nationals track

Nationals Track

Truly national standard, the Backflips motocross track features something for everyone and can be ridden by riders of almost every ability (juniors, seniors and veterans).

Although the track does feature a number of large jumps, they are all built as ‘table tops’ allowing the fastest and bravest MX’ers some serious airtime, while also allowing the average club rider to ‘roll’ the entire track safely and still test your abilities.

With a fully operational irrigation system, fully fenced spectator areas and permanent pits area this venue is one of New Zealand’s best motocross tracks…bar none!

Intermediate track

Intermediate Tracks

The two intermediate tracks are exactly that, if you feel you don’t have the ability to ride the nationals track then these are for you. One of them is situated on the right as you come in the gate off the shingle road, the other is on your left about 400 metres in. Also known as the Club Track they both have fun obstacles and challenging parts to test the body and mind.

Enduro loops

Enduro Loops

These loops are in the trees on the boundary of the Backflips Dirtfarm property so if you are into trail riding or just endurance type riding these are for you!

Minis track

Minis Track

For bikes 50cc-65cc. This track is situated between the two intermediate tracks and is for minis only, no big bikes are allowed. It’s a very cool track, super enjoyable.

Pit bike tracks

Pit Bike Tracks

We have 2 pit bike tracks, taking pit biking to a new level of fun flowy tracks.

One is a beginner level flat, rolling track and the other has table top jumps and berms for more experienced riders, yet it is still for all levels of riders.

These tracks are situated to the far left of the Nationals Track. To get to these you take the first shingle road off to the left of the main shingle road running through the middle of the Dirtfarm.

Jump track

Jump Track

We have one jump track which is a short track of about 30-40 seconds, the obstacles are table tops and berms. This track will teach you to jump with confidence and have good timing, a great stepping stone to enhance your ability.

Jump track

ATV Track

Ffitch Racing ATV track – Designed and built by 37 time National ATV champion and 1 time USA ATV champion Ian Ffitch.

This track is the first track on your right as you pass the entry gate.

You can hire our moto tracks for training days

If you would like to know more detail about hiring a track, get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.